Dr. Samantha Vanderslice ​BFRP; DMs; CCP

Crystal Power * Crystals & gemstones have powerful energy that can assist you on your life path, heal imbalances, and open up consciousness.  Experience the wisdom of the stone beings. 2-3 hour class $75

Numerology * Learn basic numerology and a receive your numerological profile.  Learn how to compare your numbers with those of family and friends.  2-3 hour class $75

The Art & Science of Essential Oils * ​Learn the whys and hows of EOs.  Create your own signature aroma and make your own bath salts to take home.  4 hour class $99

Chakras & Auras * Learn how to attune your chakras, receptor sites for Divine wisdom; and develop the ability to see auras, the energy that surrounds all living things.  2-3 hour class $75pe your paragraph here.

Healing the Inner Child * ​Many people still suffer from unresolved trauma and stress from childhood.  It's time to heal and let go.  Learn how.  2-3 hour class $75

​Attracting Love * This class assists you in learning the art of attracting true love into your life.  Learn how to be the love you seek in the world.  2-3 hour class. $75