Dr. Samantha Vanderslice ​BFRP; DMs; CCP

CHAKRA BALANCING * Think of your chakras as receptor sites for Divine Knowledge.  We realign them with pendulums, gemstones, crystals, sound therapy, & colorpuncture.

90 minute session $120 

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES * ​These all natural homeopathic remedies balance mental and emotional stress.  Safe for a newborn, your pets, your friends, family and YOU. Consultation & personalized remedy 1 hour $80.  Refills $25

Certified Level I courses available. See Classes & Workshops

GUIDED MEDITATION * Using relaxation techniques and imagery, you are guided through the meditation of your choice.  Includes meditations for aligning chakras, healing the inner child, connecting to your spirit guides, eliminating fear, healing subconscious imbalances, and more.  1 hr. $80