Dr. Samantha Vanderslice ​BFRP; DMs; CCP

Sam I Am

I am a Divine Being having a human experience.

​My greatest joy is to empower others with the knowledge of their unique beauty and wisdom.  I have a diverse repertory of spiritual & healing tools to assist you in creating a life of wellness and celebration.

Dr. Samantha Vanderslice, BFRP; DMs; CCP

1971: Majored in Psychology & Phiilosophy -Temple University; Philadelphia, PA

1972: Studied Tarot, Kabbalah & Astrology at College of Marin;  San Raphael, CA

1978: Cosmetology license; Austin, TX

1986: Massage Therapy license; Austin, TX

1999: Herbalist certification at Wild Rose College of Natural Healing

2000: Certified Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and Retail Educator

2005: Reiki Master certification

2006 Certified Ayurvedic Body Treatments; ie Sandalwood body wraps, Abyunga massage, Siddha Vaidya Queens footbath with reflexology & joint manipulation

2006: Reverend Ordination from Universal Church of Metaphysics

2007: International Educator for Nelson-Bach Level I certification

2007: Practitoner certification from University of Metaphysical Sciences

2008: Doctorate from University of Metaphysical Sciences

2008: Author of Tarot Yourself Into the New Age

2010: Shiatsu certification training

2012: Certified Angelic Guidance Counselor

2012: Licensed Auctioneer

2013: International Educator for Nelson-Bach Level 1 Pets and their People; and Level 2 certifications

2014: Certified Esogetic Colorpuncturist